There's a deep connection between actual sports and the stories that we've made up. How important was Jesus Shuttlesworth to a young kid who dreamed about playing college basketball? How many Alley Cats Strike jokes have been cracked when a 7-10 split comes up? How many inspirational video montages have been set to the Rocky theme song? Fictional sports shape how we view real sports -- and real life.

From analysis on society's treatment of Shooter McGavin to uncovering Elmer Fudd's trade options from Tune Squad, Screenside is a comprehensive website intent on covering your favorite fictional sports stories. 

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Nickolaus Sugai 

Nick is an advertising copywriter and goofy-footed surfer based in Brooklyn, NY. An average fantasy football managing career has forced him to try and become a real writer. 

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Kris Cantrell

Kris is also an advertising copywriter based in Portland, OR. He's pretty good at video game sports, but struggles playing real sports. He really likes cats.



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